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Effective Loft Conversions

Turn your unused loft into a brand new bedroom with the help of Futuristic Building Services in Ealing, London. Our loft conversions will allow you to transform your abandoned loft.

Bedroom Space

Your loft doesn’t have to be an unused space. By using our loft conversion service, we will turn your loft into a fit-for-purpose bedroom, which can be an en-suite room. We will take care of everything for you, including fitting windows, creating a Juliet balcony that opens into the loft extension. We will take care of all of the safety aspects. 


There is no need to feel the cold with our fully incorporated heating systems. We will provide your new loft conversion with radiators that will heat up your new room.

Friendly Team

We believe in providing you with the finest possible service. With this in mind, we offer a personal service that is tailored, specifically, around your individual requirements. If you do encounter any problems, we can be contacted at all times by phone.

Easy Access

Lofts are generally a struggle to get into. At Futuristic Services we gain access to your loft with free standings scaffolding.

Bedroom - Loft Conversions

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