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Impressive Home Refurbishments

Ensure your home remains energy efficient thanks to Futuristic Building Services in Ealing, London. We provide home refurbishments for those who require a completely new electrical system or heating system.

With a service purposely tailored around you, you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for with our help. We can come in and strip the house back to the brickwork, install a completely new electrical system, and put a new heating system in with all new pipe work. If the incoming main is not sufficient, we would fit a new main at a cost for the client—with prices starting at £900.

Architectural Help

Health and safety and building regulations must be adhered to. With this in mind, we acquire the services of an architect to advise us on how to make the project safe. A structural engineer will then check the bearings and the load, so when you want us to remove a wall, we will put steel beams in to support the walls. Health and safety and building regulations are checked by the local council.

Contact us for home refurbishments that are practical and safe.